• [Lunch] salad bar, soup, drink bar super deals lunch menu!

    • salad bar

      230 yen (excluded)

      Comes with a salad, drink soup bar.[Coupon at the time available, salad bar + soup bar 150 yen (excluded)]

  • [Pasta] Shinshu exquisite pasta using Good fresh pasta of

    • Popular No1 angrily shrimp and scallops in tomato cream

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Shinshu production pasta! Acidity of the tomato cream sauce women popular

    • Homemade meat sauce of ground ball purport Bolognese

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Rumbling meat sauce with plenty! Source happiness remains in the last laugh

    • Fluffy carbonara cheese

      980 yen (excluding tax))

      Fluffy to you of ♪ favorite cheese served mixed with pecorino

  • [Pizza] Umashi because stretch bake was built in special fabric at a high temperature of kiln

    • Luxury Margherita using the mozzarella of buffalo

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Full-fledged Margherita using mozzarella cheese Toro Ri ~

    • Quattro folder Mudge

      1280 yen (excluding tax)

      Quattro (4) Forma j Tsu thick pizza using di (cheese)

  • Cuisine using the topic of germination enzyme brown rice in [germination enzyme brown rice] Media

    • Aged roast beef of germination enzyme brown rice

      980 yen

      Dietary fiber-rich, to nutrients high germination enzyme brown rice, was loaded with ripening roast beef and hot spring egg.A popular dish to gourmet girls if you eat with great satisfaction! Salad bar set in the trio of eating and taste twine to sauce meat vegetables also mined may be balance!

  • [Dolce]

    • Homemade rich tiramisu

      428 yen (excluding tax)

      Handmade rich tiramisu at the shop is rich variation from season to season

    • Yogurt cake of Shinshu tofu

      380 yen

      Shinshu of soybean in Shinshu production of milk, refreshing yogurt cake stuck to the local ingredients that were used in terms of Shinshu.Dietary fiber is also abundant and low-calorie.

    • Ice 3-point Assorted

      380 yen (excluding tax)

      Mori little bit hog girls happy delicious place