• [Aging meat commitment]

    • 【Matured beef shoulder roast charcoal grill】 100g

      【Matured beef shoulder roast charcoal grill】 100g

      980 yen

      It is attractive for eating meat called aged meat I'd like to taste the original taste of the flesh that exudes as much as chewing rather than softness.

    • [Mature meat lamp] 100 g

      [Mature meat lamp] 100 g

      1380 yen

      Flesh quality at the end of Uchimomo is a part of favorite where condensation of fine texture and umami were condensed.

    • [Mature meatballs] 100 g

      [Mature meatballs] 100 g

      1580 yen

      A valuable part where only 2 kg can be taken from a cow.Moderate sashi enters soft and deep taste.

    • [Pork shoulder loin] 100 g

      880 yen

      Mild and delicate meat quality.It is characterized by good balance of lipid and taste.

  • 【Fresh Salad fresh vegetable salad】

    • Fresh and olive salad

      Fresh and olive salad

      S 480 yen / L 780 yen

      Italian Mama seems to be able to create LEMON 's salad as ever!

    • Crisp cheese Caesar salad

      Crisp cheese Caesar salad

      S 580 yen / L 880 yen

      Crisp cheese salad.Finishing at the table.

  • 【Buono! Yoshizaki's Frozen】

    • Fukued chicken's smoked chicken

      480 yen
    • Palma Proshute

      680 yen
    • Four kinds of Charcutey

      Four kinds of Charcutey

      S 680 yen / L 1280 yen

      Parma Producing Ham Napolisalami, Mortadella and Iberian Pork Chorizo

    • Shinshu salmon carpaccio

      Shinshu salmon carpaccio

      880 yen
  • [Recommended]

    • Potatoes and blue cheese

      580 yen
    • Fresh-bean chicken scissors and cream cheese

      480 yen
    • Italian ham

      680 yen
    • Sausage and potato achilles

      680 yen
  • 【Antipast appetizer】

    • Spanish Omelette

      480 yen
    • Homemade roast beef

      680 yen
  • 【Carne meat dish】

    • Aged meat meatballs

      580 yen
    • Shinshu premium beef charcoal grill 100 g

      1580 yen
  • 【Pesce seafood】

    • Ahijo of shrimp

      680 yen
    • Ahijo of mushrooms

      580 yen
    • Instead of bucket

      150 yen
    • Aquapazza of seafood

      1280 yen
  • [Pizza & Pasta Pizza Pasta]

    • Margherita


      980 yen

      It is a staple created by imageing the queen of Margherita in Italy.

    • Quattro folder Mudge

      Quattro folder Mudge

      1380 yen
    • Seasonal vegetables Arabiata

      880 yen
    • Homemade meat sauce Bolognese

      Homemade meat sauce Bolognese

      980 yen
    • Prawn shrimp and scallop tomato cream

      Prawn shrimp and scallop tomato cream

      980 yen

      Mochi mochi using pasta produced in Shinshu Pasta female popularity No. 1 pasta

  • 【Carboidrato meal】

    • Risotto of germinated enzyme brown rice

      Risotto of germinated enzyme brown rice

      1280 yen

      Choice of ingredients according to the season Cheese risotto Finished in front of you ♪

  • 【Fry fried food】

    • Sakusaku potato fly shoe string

      480 yen
    • Iberian pig's Cloccotta

      680 yen
    • Goby semolina frit

      580 yen
  • [Dolch Dolce]

    • Shogyo tofu yoghurt cake

      380 yen
    • Cream brulee of fire

      Cream brulee of fire

      480 yen

      Rich & creamy rising flames can also be enjoyed by the eyes

    • Assorted 3 kinds of ice

      480 yen
    • Handmade Tiramisu

      580 yen
    • Freshly ground espresso

      380 yen